My wife, Wanda’s concept, daughter Mary and I dumped those jelly beans about a hundred times getting an arrangement we liked. Probably a good thing I got the drawing of the crystal bowl as I broke it about a year later. Oops!

Who Spilled the beans?


Wanda wanted a picture with yellow in it for the kitchen. These luscious loquats (aka Japanese Plums) were hanging over the fence from the neighbor’s yard and made the perfect subjects. (They also made some delicious loquat preserves.)



This picture was adapted from a wine ad found in the Alaska Airlines inflight magazine. They looked so good, I took the magazine with me to do the drawing.

Rich Harvest


This adorable barbershop quartet was a gift from my sister-in-law RaeLie. I was in a quartet at the time and found the four little guys delightful. They stand about four inches high. This was my first colored pencil drawing. (Prismacolor on Stonehenge paper.)



My sister, Janet loves bright, splashy colors. What better place to find them than in flowers? The fact that Gerbera Daisies are her favorite, combined with a certain amount of whining about how everyone else in the family had received a picture except her, resulted in this one.



This is a drawing that was done for a colored pencil workshop I was  teaching. It is done entirely with a basic 8-color set of Prismacolor pencils and a colorless blender. Many of the beginning color pencil artists were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their first CP creations. Color is exciting when pencil and charcoal has been the medium of choice.

Glories of Morning


This is another drawing done for a colored pencil workshop. It is also done entirely with a basic 8-color set of Prismacolor pencils and a colorless blender.



This drawing was done for a basic drawing workshop. The medium is graphite pencil on Stonehenge Cotton Rag Paper.

Cardinal Condo