Companion for a wolf-loving friend and writer. Perhaps an assistant muse.


Fascinating birds to watch, full of mischief and a love of play. Sacred to the native peoples of Alaska.

Is That for here or to go?

Another fascinating creature to study. Watching an entire pack frolicking on a frozen pond north of the Yukon River is an event not to be forgotten.

Takin’ it easy

Found this little guy having a snack in Acadia National Park, Maine.

Scrumptious Lunch

The working partner at Just Originals. (See Artist at Work in the Alaskana section.)


A rescue dog from an Eskmo village in Alaska. Smartest dog I ever saw! 


My landlord’s dog in Fairbanks. Sweet-natured and mellow. John says her name was an abbreviated form of “lunatic.” 


The state bird of Alabama.

Yellowhammer Woodpecker