My favorite Audrey Hepburn role from My Fair Lady.


Friends from Alaska.

Jim & Karen

My great-niece. Family members make wonderful practice subjects. (It does them no good to complain.)


Brother-in-law Terry on the right.

Mark & Terry

Granddaughter Aurora Samantha.


Niece Kathleen and Adam.

Mo & Adam

Great-niece Danielle. Too cute for words. Had to have a picture.


My favorite character from Bonanza.


The heartthrob of my son’s mother-in-law.


My wife’s heartthrob – Ranger Doug of Riders In The Sky.

Ranger Doug

My daughter’s heartthrob (one of them, anyway.)

Captain Jack

My hero.

Nicola Tesla

A dear friend from Alaska that left us far too soon.


This was a wedding gift for Francis and Dale. Francis is a music teacher and church choir director who coached our barbershop chorus on occasion. She was also music director for the FLOT presentation of Camelot (my one and only foray into theater.)

The Newleyweds

One of a kind.



This was a study for students in a portrait class I taught.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Eye Study