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Emerson Goes Cowboy

by Arthur Flavell

Emerson Francis Whitman, whose parents were great admirers of philosophy – and philosophers – has the distinction of being the technical representative of Primary Pulse Energy Systems of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. As a tech rep, Emerson travels to a variety of trade shows to assist distributors and dealers of the company’s product line to learn the equipment and to sell more of the same. The work itself is pleasant and relatively undemanding. It allows him to travel across the country in a leisurely fashion, accompanied by his spouse and partner of many years, Priscilla Jeanette, aka PJ.

He also has an unfortunate propensity for becoming entangled in sticky situations through absolutely no fault of his own.

Dispatched to an outdoor equipment show in the ranch country of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Emerson inadvertently embarrasses an egotistical ranch hand of questionable skills and even more questionable character. He awakes from the encounter to find himself stretched out on the venerable mahogany bar of the vaunted Long Drink Saloon & Dining Emporium.

Things proceed rapidly downhill from there. He will need a concerted application of both intelligence and troubleshooting skills to survive this ride.

The Xactilias Project

by RJ Lawrence

Claire Foley spends her days quietly working in the background at one of the country’s most prestigious research facilities. That is, until she receives an offer from a secretive organization with uncertain objectives. Soon, Claire becomes all too aware that this offer is one she shouldn’t refuse.

As she falls under the organization’s control, Claire is plucked from her home and forced on a bizarre journey, where the unexpected becomes the norm. Surrounded by threats, she pushes deeper and deeper into a growing mystery with troubling implications for herself and the world.

As her options quickly fade, Claire must find a way to even the odds by leveraging her gifts to fight back.

As her options quickly fade, Claire must find a way to even the odds by leveraging her gifts to fight back.


The Bounty Hunter Returns

by Clint Clay

An exciting new Western in the style of Robert J. Thomas, WL Cox, and Duane Boehm filled with action, adventure and plot twists such as C. K. Crigger, Chet Cunningham, and Paul L. Thompson! This is a western filled with crime, corruption, and a deadbeat criminal gang to bring to justice!

What’s a young man going to do when a war ends? One young soldier returning from the Civil War finds himself thrown into a world of danger, corruption, and crime as he struggles to reinvent himself. When his neighbors’ farm is burned to the ground and all are killed – he finds his new destiny as a bounty hunter. Now he must fight criminals and bring justice to a lawless land…

This exciting new action-adventure western sequel from Clint Clay takes the listener on one man’s journey as a boy who went to war – and survived – to come home as a man. But will he claim the ultimate reward he wants so badly – a new life?


Crockatiel:  An O.C.L.T. Novel

by David Niall Wilson

Nothing is ever normal in Old Mill, NC, particularly when Cletus J. Diggs and his buddy Jasper decide to go fishing. When Jasper tells him two fishermen they know saw a dinosaur in The Great Dismal Swamp, Cletus is ready to chock it up to shadows and too much beer. When he and Jasper are out fishing themselves and find a bass boat jammed nose first into the bottom of the Perquimans River with nothing left of the other two men but a boot with a leg protruding from it and one big-assed track in the mud, things get serious.

Joined by Geoffrey Bullfinch, Wendell “Mack” Macklemore, and Isabella Ferrara of the O.C.L.T., two genetic scientists with a strange story of hurricanes and DNA splicing, and a strange cast of others (including a very loud cockatiel)- Cletus has to solve the mystery of where the monster killing people in the swamp came from, where it’s gone and find a way to stop it before it kills again. Unfortunately for the team, taking down a forty foot sixteen ton dinosaur no one believes in is no easy task, and the clock is ticking…

Genesis:  Black Oak Series, Book 1

by Charles L. Grant


Black Oak Security is a crack team of private investigators led by brilliant, enigmatic Ethan Proctor. He takes on cases that range from the normal to the unaccountably bizarre. Now one of his people, Sloan Delaney, has disappeared during a weekend getaway in the Cumberland Mountains. The last message he left—on Proctor’s answering machine—was a tortured scream for help.

Soon Proctor is heading into the Kentucky wilderness, following in Sloan’s footsteps to a secluded backwoods motel where a dreadful mystery is buried. But the truth behind Sloan’s disappearance is only the beginning. For whatever is roaming the hills has left an entire town cowering in fear. Something unspeakable … and too close to home. 

The Hush of Dark Wings:  Black Oak Series, Book 2

by Charles L. Grant


Black Oak Security is a crack team of private investigators led by brilliant, enigmatic Ethan Proctor. He is a careful man. Careful in what he says, careful in what he does. And very careful about which cases he takes. But when a letter arrives from a woman he once knew, begging him to investigate strange happenings in her town, Proctor is careless. He takes the case without knowing exactly what he’s getting into.


Hart Junction, Kansas, is the image of a deserted frontier town. Its claim to fame is being the set for many a grade-B western. But the movies moved out, and a strange cult moved in. Its members seem friendly. Concerned. Cooperative. So why are the townspeople so afraid? Why are so many people missing? And what are the strange winged creatures seen circling in the sky above town?

Winter Knight:  Black Oak Series, Book 3

by Charles L. Grant


Black Oak Security is a crack team of private investigators led by brilliant, enigmatic Ethan Proctor. From everyday illegal activities to encounters of a more questionable kind, Proctor has seen it all. Now, summoned to England to investigate an ongoing missing person case, Proctor stumbles upon a legendary forest—and a specter who dwells there …


The hamlet of Pludbury, England, is a forgotten village, a farming community dating back to the War of the Roses. It was also the home of Sir Jarred Battle, am ambitious lord who was executed during England’s famous feud. His ghost is purported to roam the Battle Wood, granting favors to the townsfolk—in exchange for their souls.

The people of Pludbury are rather protective of their spirit, and although he’d like nothing more than to forget the ghost tales, Proctor soon suspects Sir Jarred Battle may be the key to his case—or the very Devil himself …

Hunting Ground:  Black Oak Series, Book 4

by Charles L. Grant


Black Oak Security is a crack team of private investigators led by brilliant, enigmatic Ethan Proctor. But even the brilliant get burned out sometimes, and when his employees order him to take a much-needed vacation in Atlantic City, Proctor reluctantly agrees. Ensconced with friends in a boardwalk hotel, he is just beginning to relax when things start getting strange …


An old friend drops the information that a killer is stalking the boardwalk – and the locals suspect vampirism …

A beautiful, mysterious woman hints that she knows who killed a former associate of Proctor’s some weeks earlier …

A fierce winter storm strikes the coastal city, and Proctor and his friends are trapped between nature’s wrath and a killer’s rage …

When the Cold Wind Blows:  Black Oak Series, Book 5

by Charles L. Grant


Black Oak Security is a crack team of private investigators led by brilliant, enigmatic Ethan Proctor, who has just received a cryptic message from an old friend of his father. Proctor is being asked to look into a series of disappearances and brutal mutilations in the swampy woodlands northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. Some think the culprit is a real-life wolfman,


What Proctor doesn’t know is that the terror in the swampy backwoods is linked to something much more personal. It is an evil mystery that has haunted Proctor for months. And when he uncovers the truth, he will be lucky to survive it …


The Gunman:  The Thorntons, Book 1

by Kerbit J. Little

The Civil War has ended. Jim and Noble are two rebels who set out from San Francisco searching for gold. While helping a prospector recover his claim, they encounter love, guilt, danger and violence. They come up against a dying assassin who wants to go out in a blaze of glory and a psychotic mayor with a terrible secret. They help a young farmer whose abusive father becomes set on killing Jim.

The Gunman is a story of friendship which illustrates how sacrifice, courage and love can ultimately triumph over evil. It will make you laugh, move you to tears and leave you with hope.

Jenny:  The Thorntons, Book 2

by Kerbit J. Little

Jim sets off with his friend Rute to meet Jenny, a young woman Rute says is special. Rute breaks a leg in a fall and heads for Frozen Nevada to heal up with friends and finds himself pursued by three widows intent on matrimony. Jim finds Jenny and frees her from a mayor who wants to marry her. On the way Jim kills a man in self defense after stopping him from abusing a waitress.

As Jim and Jenny head for Frozen he must fight off assassins sent by the man’s mother and Jim and Jenny find themselves falling in love along the way. Jenny is a story of love and friendship and is rich in characters who will shock you, make you laugh and cry and dread to see the story end. Read the first page if you want to meet one.

Pursuit:  The Thorntons, Book 3

by Kerbit J. Little

Texas Ranger Loren Williams is chasing six bank robbers who killed and beheaded three fellow Rangers who were chasing them. He meets up with Jim Thornton, a former Confederate gunman, who has found a little blind girl named Shelby Jean at a burned out wagon, her father and uncle murdered and her mother kidnapped and murdered by the men the Ranger is chasing. Jim and the Ranger go after the outlaws, hoping to find a home for the girl on the way. They are ambushed by the outlaws and manage to kill two of them but the Ranger is badly wounded and Jim gets him and the girl to a nearby ranch where a mountain man/preacher and his widowed daughter-in-law named Dottie take Loren and the girl in.

While Jim, a local sheriff, the mountain man and a deputy are pursuing the outlaws toward Mexico after they robbed a bank in the town and killed two people, Loren and the widow fall in love and are married. The headhunter gradually kills off his men and heads into Mexico, where he leaves death behind him wherever he goes. Returning to Loren’s ranch near El Paso, Loren and Jim leave Dottie and Shelby Jean with Loren’s father and pursue the outlaw into Mexico where he leads the slaughter of thirty Mexican soldiers and kills others along the way. The chase leads back into Texas, into the mountains and back into Mexico. The killer is chased east by the Mexican army,then crosses back into Texas and kills a bounty-hunter who tries to arrest him. On his journey by Loren’s ranch, he has seen Dottie and is determined to have her. He heads back toward El Paso and a bloody showdown.

Pursuit is a story of a lonely gunman who finds a little girl who is left to die and vows to find those who did this and a brave and determined Texas Ranger who will not stop until he gets his man and finds the love of his life and a daughter along the way. It is also the story of their friendship and the woman they both love and who loves them both. There’s danger, violence and horror along the way. But there is also courage and heroism and sacrifice and honor as the good meets the bad in this story of pursuit.

The Reaper:  The Thorntons, Book 4

by Kerbit J. Little

His family gone, Thorne leaves the ranch, wanting only to die. He is about to meet an old enemy and a new love.

Bill Fitch is a brutal rapist and serial killer who carries the scalps of his victims on his bridle and rides into Texas with murder and mayhem on his mind.

Gomez is the half-breed who rides with Fitch and lives to rape and eat the flesh of his victims.

Shorty Doddredge is the Ranger sergeant, saved by Thorne in an Indian fight, a lonely man, who is about to meet the love of his life.

Axel Glass is a trafficker in whiskey, guns and slaves who has made a sexual slave of his lovely daughter, Juliette.

Mollie Doddredge, the sister of Shorty, is beautiful, fiery, sultry and the master of her world, until she meets Thorne.

Fitch has seen Mollie and now he has come back for her.

Rescue:  The Thorntons, Book 5

by Kerbit J. Little

Children have been stolen and taken to Mexico. The Reaper goes after them and rescues all but one girl, who is stolen away. Jim Thornton is pursued by a Ranger turned manhunter and is finally reunited with brother Cal. The slavers send assassins to kill the Reaper. The Rangers are going to Mexico to rescue all the children and wipe out the slavery ring.Rescue is a story of love found and love lost and courage and sacrifice and is rich in humour and action and characters you will not forget.

Dutch Curridge:  Dutch Curridge Series, Book 1

by Tim Bryant

When Alvis Curridge isn’t holding down a stool at Peechie Keen’s Bar & Kanteen, he busies himself trying to keep things in line around Cowtown – an old habit from his days with the Fort Worth Sheriff’s Department. Sometimes this means tangling with his former boss, or with Ruthie Nell, the spunky reporter for the Fort Worth Press. Things get especially tangled when a baby shows up in a gift-wrapped box at his doorstep. Alas, this is no Moses story. The baby is dead, its young father missing.

Part To Kill a Mockingbird and part Ugetsu Monogatari, Bryant’s Dutch Curridge combines hard boiled crime and mystery with a good old fashioned ghost story as Dutch, who knows a great deal about the ways of the world, learns a little about himself and how he fits into “the scheme of things.”

Southern Select: Dutch Curridge Series, Book 2

by Tim Bryant

Forth Worth, TX detective Alvis “Dutch” Curridge is back, and he’s brought Slant Face Sanders and the gang along for the ride of their lives. When the bartender at Dutch’s favorite hangout is murdered, it’s up to Dutch to make things right. And this time, he’ll have to do it without Ruthie Nell Parker.

Spirit Trap:  Dutch Curridge Series, Book 3

by Tim Bryant

SPIRIT TRAP not only reunites the Fort Worth detective with his friends Slant Face and James Alto, it also brings back favorites like Ruthie Nell Parker and Verbal and Noble Whitaker. There’s a dead family in a small country house, a blind man working in a gun store, a vindictive dance hall owner and a wild animal waiting at the edge of the woods. All have one thing in common, and it isn’t their love for the Texas two-step.

Old Mother Curridge:  Dutch Curridge Series, Book 4

by Tim Bryant

Dutch gets naked! In OLD MOTHER CURRIDGE, Private detective Alvis “Dutch” Curridge asks questions like: “Did Elvis Presley kill this poor dead girl?” “Did I kill the bastard son of lawman Bat Masterson?” and “Did Alvis Sr. leave me with the greatest mystery of them all?” Dutch Curridge leaves his beloved Fort Worth to find some answers in OLD MOTHER CURRIDGE, the greatest Dutch Curridge tale of them all. And yes, he gets naked in both a physical and metaphorical sense. It’s a story about questions that lead to more questions. A story about stories, and each one comes with a price.

The Watcher:  Fighting Back Series, Book 1

by Tim Bryant

The new drug of choice, heroin, is pouring into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. The drug pipeline starts below the border and extends through the northeast US and then to West Virginia and Kentucky. The addicts flock for the new, cheap, stronger high. Many are dying from overdoses. Nearly every family has lost someone to the drugs.

Ben Dalton is a brave young sheriff, whose father died fighting the drug ring and Ben is taking up the fallen standard.

Joey Adkins, a war hero, back from the Marines, joins his friend the sheriff in the fight and finds himself in another war.

The Watcher has been watching and decides the time to fight back is now. He comes in the night with a gun and a crossbow and kills and returns to the night.

The law wants to catch him. The cartel wants him dead. The people and the media say he’s a hero. Who will the cartel send next to kill the Watcher?

Two women, who are best friends and are as different as night and day, are in love with Joey and each will fight for him.


Accusation – The Grey Ham Series Book 1 – ParaCW

by Ron Good

Retired police lieutenant and avid amateur radio operator Don Wood, who is also a new Prepper because of his Bible study of the End Times, stumbles on a new form of communication he calls “ParaCW” while experimenting with his ham radio gear, computer, and an old smartphone.

After a surprise visit at Don’s local amateur radio club meeting by FCC Enforcement Agent Larry Turner, Don soon realizes that the FCC and, eventually, the FBI are quite interested in his find, but for what purpose? They claim it’s to help out his government, he thinks it’s for other reasons.

As the story unfolds, one of FCC Enforcement Agents becomes a friend and the other a foe. As book one closes, Don relives one of the most difficult times of his life as a law enforcement officer when he suffers a loss.


Justification – The Grey Ham Series Book 2 – ParaCW

by Ron Good

In book one, retired police lieutenant Don Wood stumbles upon a new form of communications he calls ParaCW while tinkering around in his ham radio shack. Word of it gets out which draws the interest of the FCC and, eventually, the FBI.

After a second and then a third visit from these two government agencies, all seems to go well until one of the Wood’s Doberman Pinscher’s makes his way out of the house and heads towards FCC Agent Larry Turner. The agent panics and pulls a gun from under his jacket then shoots and kills their dog, which leaves the Woods devastated.

After a second and then a third visit from these two government agencies, all seems to go well until one of the Wood’s Doberman Pinscher’s makes his way out of the house and heads towards FCC Agent Larry Turner. The agent panics and pulls a gun from under his jacket then shoots and kills their dog, which leaves the Woods devastated.

As book one closes, Don receives a phone call from the other visiting FCC Agent, Sean Carrick, who now believes the government is overreaching its authority. In the past, FBI Agent Watkins would keep his longtime friend FCC Agent Carrick in the loop on cases they worked together. This time, nothing.

In book two, it will be revealed why FBI Agent Watkins wants Don’s ParaCW and the measures he will take to get it.