I have dipped my toes into many occupational fields, including construction, broadcast radio and television, and aviation – both as a pilot and an airfield electronics technician. Sadly, most jobs are quickly mastered and just as quickly pall. But underlying and woven through all the various endeavors is a keen regard for the language. It reveals itself in a love of stories and storytelling – an ongoing search for new and strange worlds. This love was nurtured at an early age through books as well as listening to live storytellers. The joy of exploring and using the language has endured through it all. Words are simply magic. I hope you enjoy some of mine.


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Emerson Goes Cowboy:  An Emerson Adventure

By Arthur Flavell

Emerson Francis Whitman, whose parents were great admirers of philosophy – and philosophers – has the distinction of being the technical representative of Primary Pulse Energy Systems of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. As a tech rep, Emerson travels to a variety of trade shows to assist distributors and dealers of the company’s product line to learn the equipment and to sell more of the same. The work itself is pleasant and relatively undemanding. It allows him to travel across the country in a leisurely fashion, accompanied by his spouse and partner of many years, Priscilla Jeanette, aka PJ.

He also has an unfortunate propensity for becoming entangled in sticky situations through absolutely no fault of his own.

Dispatched to an outdoor equipment show in the ranch country of Cheyenne, Wyoming, Emerson inadvertently embarrasses an egotistical ranch hand of questionable skills and even more questionable character. He awakes from the encounter to find himself stretched out on the venerable mahogany bar of the vaunted Long Drink Saloon & Dining Emporium.

Things proceed rapidly downhill from there. He will need a concerted application of both intelligence and troubleshooting skills to survive this ride.

NOTE: This book is available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook formats.


Comin’ Up Cracker

By Carolyn Smith Flavell

Comin’ Up Cracker is a whimsical look at growing up in North and Central Florida as part of an ever-growing family of preacher’s kids. The author relates events as seen from the eyes of a little girl in the post-war ‘40’s to the ‘60’s. Her tales, ranging from precocious to outrageous are quirky, funny and heartwarming.

This book takes the reader on a leisurely journey through a Florida history that is largely lost or forgotten and along the unpaved byways of quaint country towns where residents still proudly claim to be “Florida Crackers”.